HyperX Cloud Flight Review Cloud

If you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable microphone for your gaming sessions, you can’t go wrong with the HyperX Cloud Flight. This headset provides you with a powerful sound stage, precise frequency response, and compatibility with TeamSpeak and Discord. Whether you’re a veteran of gaming or just starting out, you’ll enjoy chatting with friends in your favorite multiplayer games with the Cloud Flight.

Sound quality

HyperX Cloud Flight is a great option for anyone interested in a high-quality wireless headset. The headphones provide good imaging performance and have a clear soundstage inside the user’s head. Their microphone also delivers accurate in-game sounds. But the headset does have some shortcomings.

For one, the microphone isn’t as accurate as the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless. That said, the HyperX Cloud Flight does have a detachable boom mic. This helps reduce background noise and makes it easier to communicate. In addition, it is Discord certified.

As for the sound, the treble reaches a high-note peak that is not overemphasized. However, the low-treble is not a smooth swoosh. It is likely to be loud enough for most listeners.

The bass range isn’t as well-balanced. However, the headset does have a good amplitude for the mid-bass. On top of that, the soundstage is not as pronounced as it could be.

HyperX Cloud Flight headphones produce a high-quality audio experience that is good for most genres. However, they aren’t the best gaming headsets. You may want to consider the HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless for better comfort.

HyperX Cloud Flight also offers a good microphone for interacting online. However, the microphone does not cancel key presses from mechanical keyboards. Another issue is that it leaks sound in low volumes.

HyperX Cloud Flight is a great choice for casual users who want to enjoy music or play games without disturbing others. The headphones are also good for multi-player gaming.


HyperX Cloud Flight is a good choice for gamers, as the soundstage is decent and the battery life is solid. However, there are a few disadvantages. It can be difficult to charge, and you may experience some issues with outside noise isolation.

The headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They also feature a great audio control mixer and a dual chamber driver system for improved bass response. You can boost the bass for enhanced volume, and tweak the mids and highs on the fly.

The headsets come in several colours and styles, including blue and red. HyperX has also recently released a new model, Cloud Stinger Wireless, which does not include a wired connection.

The headsets also feature a mic-mute button. This can be useful for gaming with friends or online teammates. Depending on the fit, the sound may vary.

The HyperX Cloud II headset is also available. These are compatible with PC and PS4. They are comfortable to wear and feature a built-in USB sound card. Moreover, they have a detachable microphone.

The HyperX Cloud II has a similar sound signature to its predecessor, but it is more neutral in profile. In addition, it has a built-in noise cancelling microphone. It provides virtual 7.1 surround sound and depth.

The HyperX Cloud Flight S, on the other hand, is tailored to gamers. It features a 7.1 surround sound button, as well as customizable touch controls on the ear cups.

Frequency response consistency

If you are looking for a gaming headset that can provide a balanced frequency response, HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is the one for you. Although it may not be the best sounding gaming headset in the world, it is quite good.

HyperX Cloud Flight is a well-built wireless headset that has a two-year warranty and a USB dongle. The microphone is detachable, which makes it an ideal candidate for a gaming group. It has a powerful noise gate and a high-quality audio reproduction.

Aside from the sound, the microphone does a good job of canceling noise and makes voices sound full and articulate. There is also a built-in mute button on the right ear cup. But, the headset does not offer a dedicated app or wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s not compatible with mechanical keyboards.

HyperX Cloud Flight is a mid-range wireless gaming headset that combines solid bass, a good mic, and decent imaging. However, it’s limited by the Bluetooth connection and it’s not really a headset for those who want the very best. You can also find a more expensive model, the HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless, that offers a more comfortable fit and slightly better recording quality.

HyperX Cloud Flight has a good mic with excellent noise canceling power. It has a strong noise gate and can block out ambient noise, making it an ideal choice for multiplayer online gaming.

Compatibility with TeamSpeak and Discord

Hyperx Cloud Flight is a wireless headset that has been developed for PS4 and PS4 Pro. It offers a 2.4 GHz wireless connection for a reliable audio experience. The headset is equipped with 50mm drivers and an integrated microphone. It is a perfect match for those who enjoy gaming through a wireless headset.

Hyperx Cloud Flight headphones have a comfortable fit that offers 30 hours of battery life. They come with an adjustable steel slider that allows the ear cups to rotate 90 degrees. This feature helps users to easily adjust the overall volume.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones have a noise-cancelling microphone that reduces the effects of plosive sounds. The microphone also features a LED mute indicator and a built-in mic monitoring function.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless has a microphone that is certified by TeamSpeak and Discord. A detachable 3.5 mm wire makes for easy portability.

HyperX Cloud II headphones are made from high quality materials including anodized steel and soft leather. The earcups are designed to comfortably fit larger head sizes.

HyperX CloudX Flight features adjustable steel sliders on the headband and memory foam ear pads to provide a comfortable fit. It has a built-in headset chat mixer that tunes game audio without any Xbox menu adjustments. These features make it an excellent choice for multiplayer online games and chat sessions.

HyperX Cloud Flight is compatible with the following platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Skype, and Mumble. It also supports virtual surround sound for PlayStation 4 and Dolby Atmos positional-audio algorithm for Windows.


HyperX Cloud Flight is the first wireless gaming headset to hit the market. This headset comes with a wireless USB dongle that can connect to your PC, PlayStation, Xbox One or Switch.

HyperX’s claim to fame for the headset is the ear cups’ ability to rotate in a 90 degree horizontal or vertical direction. They also feature a detachable microphone.

The headset is packed in a large black box with red accents. It includes a Micro-USB charging cable and a quick start guide.

While the packaging may be confusing, the headset itself is a solid performer. Aside from its wireless capabilities, the headphones offer solid LED lighting, a comfortable headband, and good passive noise reduction.

The battery is capable of delivering over 30 hours of audio playback. If the lights are off, the headset can last for 25 hours.

HyperX Cloud Flight has a few features not seen in previous gaming headsets. There is a swiveling joint that allows the ear cups to bend up to 4cm in a backwards, forwards, or sidewards direction.

The headphones also have a small headband that is cushioned with memory foam. However, the foam isn’t very soft and can be uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.

HyperX Cloud Flight has a good microphone, but it can’t compare to the HyperX Cloud Alpha. It also doesn’t cancel key presses from mechanical keyboards, but its noise canceling capability is pretty good.