What Is Cloud Gaming?

stream games to your device from a remote location, such as the cloud. This can also be referred to as gaming-as-a-service or gaming on demand.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service that lets you play games online without the hassle of downloading them. This is not only convenient, but it also saves you money.

Xbox Cloud Gaming works on all Windows PCs, iOS and Android devices. Users can access the games through a web browser, such as Safari or Chrome, or through an Xbox console.

Xbox Cloud Gaming works by utilizing Microsoft’s datacenters. When you’re on the internet, the server is connected to your device, which allows the game to be played in real time. However, the input latency can vary, depending on your Internet connection. The faster the connection, the better the performance.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is only available with an Xbox game pass subscription. You can subscribe for $15 per month, which will allow you to access hundreds of Xbox games. There is also a one-month free trial. If you decide you want to stick with it, you can upgrade to the recurring monthly plan for just $15.

Using cloud gaming allows users to save on hard drive space and bandwidth, while also making gameplay more seamless. Games are stored on servers, so they are always up to date. In addition to games, users can also use the Xbox cloud to access Xbox Live.

Aside from the cloud gaming services, Microsoft also offers a subscription called Xbox Ultimate. With this subscription, players can get access to a full suite of games for their consoles, including the full version of the Minecraft game. They can also receive exclusive member offers, discounts, and freebies.

As of this writing, Xbox Cloud Gaming has served more than 10 million players across 26 countries. Recently, Microsoft expanded the service to Japan, Mexico, and Australia.

NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that allows you to stream games to your device. It is available for Windows and Mac PCs, as well as mobile devices. Besides allowing you to play your own games, you can connect to game stores to download new titles and install older ones.

The free version of the service will let you play one hour per session, and you can choose to pay for a subscription. You’ll also have the option to buy priority access, which gives you an extended session. And if you sign up for a paid subscription, you can also get real-time ray tracing and a slew of other features.

There are three membership tiers: a free tier, a paid tier, and a premium tier. Each tier offers a different set of benefits, but all of them are designed to help you get the most out of your games.

The free tier is a good choice for gamers who aren’t looking for a lengthy playing time. In addition to being able to download and play games you already own, you can use the GeForce NOW app to install and stream new titles to your computer.

The paid tier, which starts at $4.99 per month, includes a number of features, including an extended playing time. You’ll be able to access your gaming library through a browser, and ray tracing and real-time graphics will also be included.

One of the most important things to consider is your internet connection. If you have weak or unreliable bandwidth, your experience with the GeForce Now service could be limited. Fortunately, there are some tips on NVIDIA’s blog to help you avoid the most common problems.


Paperspace is a cloud computing service that offers a number of features. They are designed for creative professionals and students who need more than a laptop for their work. The software works on iOS, Android and desktop platforms.

The company has servers in Amsterdam, California and New York. Users can rent a gaming machine for an hourly rate. In addition, there is a referral system, in which users earn $15 credit for each user they refer.

This company is a good option for those who are interested in playing PC games remotely. Whether you are a fan of mods, or you like to play GTA V on a weekly basis, Paperspace has something for you. However, its pricing may be too high for some users.

Another great thing about Paperspace is its ability to stream VR. It works with Oculus Go and Virtual Desktop. It even allows users to connect to an iOS device using Moonlight. All of this is possible thanks to Nvidia’s Gamestream technology.

In addition to playing PC games, Paperspace can be used for machine learning, photo editing and 3D CAD. It is also a useful tool for removing costly distractions.

Paperspace is easy to use. Once you sign up for a subscription, they assign a Windows computer for you to run on. You can choose a machine with a variety of configurations.

It can also be configured with a virtual audio card and firewall ports. Paperspace can run any game. Even Steam’s library is available. However, it is best to integrate the games you intend to use into existing game client.

Using Paperspace is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a cheap cloud computing option. Although it is not a fully fledged personal computer, it is easy to use and will meet the needs of the majority of gamers.


Boosteroid offers a unique cloud gaming experience, allowing players to play games without having to download or update any software. Instead, a video stream of the game’s gameplay is sent to users’ devices. This ensures low latency, high image quality, and custom saves.

In order to enjoy Boosteroid’s service, players must sign up and create an account. Then, they can select a subscription plan and provide billing information. After that, they can stream games on the web. If they experience any issues, they can contact Boosteroid’s customer support team.

Boosteroid’s head office is located in Bucharest, Romania. However, the service has also expanded to Europe and the United Kingdom, with plans to open more locations in the future.

Currently, Boosteroid has close to two million registered users. The company has partnered with leading gaming publishers to bring cloud gaming to the masses. Although Boosteroid’s platform is relatively new, it has received positive feedback from users.

Boosteroid’s cloud gaming platform hosts games on high-performance servers. They’re built to handle the demands of today’s most demanding titles. But performance depends on the quality of the Internet connection. For instance, a 25-Mbps connection is needed for 1080p gameplay.

Boosteroid’s technology also features an adaptive bitrate system. This allows Boosteroid to optimize image quality, ensuring that users get the best possible cloud gaming experience. Moreover, Boosteroid also has custom software tools that are constantly updated to enhance the quality of the service.

Boosteroid’s platform also hosts a range of apps for Android, Windows, and Linux. These allow customers to play their favorite video games on their smartphone or Smart TV. Unlike other similar services, Boosteroid’s technology is continuously updated to ensure that gamers receive the highest possible performance.

Google Stadia

The Google Stadia for cloud gaming is a new way to play AAA games without the need for your own hardware. This is a service that offers users a fast internet connection to play games in 4K resolution.

Unlike traditional game consoles, Stadia is designed for underpowered devices. It’s possible to play games from a smartphone, laptop, PC, and TV. And it won’t require game updates or patches.

Aside from games, players can also watch video clips and screenshots. They can join YouTube broadcasters and other gamers in the games they love. There’s even a crowd play feature, which is a cool thing.

Unlike other streaming services, the Stadia controller isn’t particularly beautiful. It’s a small box that slides around an Android phone. But it can handle graphically demanding games at 4K resolution.

Another cool feature is the ability to save your game state. You can then transfer that data to other games. That’s not something most games can do, but Stadia can.

In addition to Stadia’s features, Google has started lending the technology to other companies. Some have white labeled the technology to their own product.

One company that has been helping Stadia out is Amazon. They’re currently developing a service called Luna.

However, Amazon isn’t the only cloud gaming platform in the works. Peloton and AT&T have white label deals with the technology.

While the Google Stadia for cloud gaming is not currently available, it’s a service worth checking out. BT has announced a partnership with the company and will be the first European distribution partner. Together, BT and Google will work on building awareness about the service, while enabling UK consumers to take advantage of the growing technology.