Helion on Cloud Running ShoesHelionHelion on Cloud Running Shoes

then the Helion(tm) is a good option for you. This shoe has an excellent cushioning system that allows you to enjoy your running sessions without any pain. It also has an upper and a sockliner that will make sure that your feet are comfortable at all times.

Helion(tm) cushioning

Helion ™ is the name of the high-tech superfoam used in the new Cloudswift collection of running shoes. This foam is engineered to provide a combination of rebound and durability. Runners will find that this shoe feels lighter and softer while providing an excellent cushioning experience.

The name Helion may sound like a techie term, but the technology has actually taken three years to develop. What makes the technology work is the way the foam compresses. Instead of having to fold the foam diagonally, it compresses and rebounds back into its original form, which makes for a more comfortable and energy efficient shoe.

Helion isn’t the only superfoam found in the On Cloudswift line. In addition to the standard heel and midsole, the brand also has a range of innovative designs and materials that offer an enhanced feel.

One of the more intriguing innovations is a new material that has been incorporated into the upper and outsole. These materials offer improved traction in wet conditions, as well as a wider forefoot area to more efficiently spread the force of impact.

Another interesting piece of tech is a new rubber grip pad. These pads are designed to give better traction on wet surfaces, while adding architectural appeal to the design.

Finally, there’s the patented CloudTec (r) midsole. With this system, a series of U-shaped blocks of foam are assembled to create a high-cushioning, responsive midsole.

Helion(tm) midsole

The Helion midsole on cloud running shoes offers excellent energy return and lightweight durability. It also delivers impact protection and comfort.

A unique rocker shape and a bouncy Speedboard(r) plate provide unmatched performance. This shoe is ideal for fast training, race day and everyday lifestyle.

On shoes have been developed through a long series of experiments. They include over 30% recycled materials, a patented CloudTec(r) midsole and a grip rubber compound.

Designed by former triathlete Olivier Bernhard, these shoes were made using cut up garden hose. The concept started as an experiment in the Swiss engineering lab, and it quickly gained popularity with marathon runners.

On shoes have a distinctive CloudTec(r) midsole that combines with a MissiongripTM outsole to offer maximum cushioning and support. Each shoe also features a unique lace add-on that allows you to tighten or loosen the heel on the fly.

On Clouds designs are known for the ultimate in performance. They combine patented technology from the On Lab with an incredibly responsive feel underfoot. Using a combination of soft and rigid materials, these shoes create an energizing ride that’s a perfect fit for every runner.

Clouds are the white, rounded elements on the midsole. These are enlarged to encourage midfoot landing and dampen heel strikes. In the forefoot, the materials thicken, resulting in additional cushioning.

Cloudswift is the first On Swiss shoe to feature the new Helion midsole. This super-lightweight foam provides a durable, softer ride and offers an excellent energy return.

Helion(tm) outsole

The Helion(tm) outsole on Cloud running shoes was developed to create a lighter and more responsive feeling underfoot. This new foam technology has also improved durability and impact protection.

Unlike other cushioning systems, this high-tech foam offers rebound that was previously thought impossible. It works in conjunction with CloudTec(r) midsole.

This new technology also includes an engineered heel cap that provides a secure fit around the foot. In addition, it is temperature resistant and features durable rubber reinforcements that lend architectural appeal to the style lines.

The midsole also provides balanced cushioning, while the Speedboard(tm) converts landing energy into forward motion. On Running’s Speedboard helps keep the feet in alignment, and optimises energy efficiency.

Using a patented rocker system, the CloudTec(r) provides firm take-offs and landings. As a result, the shoe is ideal for explosive movements.

The central channel also allows individual cloud components to move separately, resulting in a cushioning that best responds to the unique gait of each runner. Another innovation is the rubber grip pads, which provide better traction on wet surfaces.

The upper of this shoe features an engineered mesh and reflective details. In addition to this, the tongue is made of Terry fabric, which is breathable, and antimicrobial. Moreover, it comes in a silver colorway.

Lastly, the outsole has been updated with a new tread pattern. This gives the shoe a more underfoot feel and better grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Helion(tm) upper

If you want a lightweight, cushioned shoe that offers a smooth ride, check out the Cloud running shoes from On. They offer a full road protection and are also temperature resistant, so you can wear them in hot or cold temperatures. Moreover, the Cloudswift shoes feature a new cushioning innovation called Helion foam. It works by folding foam better than before, so you’ll have a smooth and responsive run every time.

One of the best things about the On running shoes is the design. They use soft-touch comfort fabric made from recycled polyester and patented CloudTec(r) technology. The bouncy Speedboard(r) plate helps you keep your foot in place, while the internal Speedboard(r) keeps your feet in alignment.

Other features include an ultra-light, engineered mesh upper that’s comfortable and easy to step into. The new rubber grip pads provide excellent traction on wet surfaces. These features make for a lightweight and flexible shoe that’s ideal for all running styles.

The On Cloudflyer Women’s Running Shoe features a 3D-molded heel and ultra-lightweight engineered mesh upper. They’re designed for speed, but the Internal Speedboard and Helion(tm) cushioning ensure the shoe’s stability and durability.

Another popular On running shoe is the Cloud X. It’s a versatile model that’s available in multiple colorways. The upper is constructed from lightweight material and features reflective details. This style is perfect for kicking around town or training.

Helion(tm) sockliner

One of the best things about running in an On Running shoe is their ability to design shoes that offer unrivaled comfort and performance. They have a lot of technology incorporated into their products, like the Helion(tm) sockliner. This high-tech superfoam is a lightweight and flexible midsole that is a great addition to any shoe collection. Its best features are its ability to slow the rate of compression, while still providing a responsive ride.

Helion(tm) also boasts a number of other technologies, including the Speedboard(tm), a patented tech that converts landing energy into forward motion. Among other benefits, the Speedboard is a great way to increase the efficiency of your gait. Another benefit is its traction.

Using the latest and greatest technology, the Cloudswift line of running shoes is perfect for the urban runner looking for full-fledged road protection, plus the extra padding to keep the heels of their feet out of harms way. The brand recently introduced new models with the latest in tech.

Aside from the Helion(tm) sockliner, other technological highlights include the Speedboard(tm), which turns landing energy into forward motion. Other notable features include the innovative cloud-like materials, which are made from a single material to deliver a softer ride. For added protection, the Cloudswift line features a layer of durable rubber reinforcements. These enhancements provide a great deal of traction and a slick style.

Helion(tm) logo

Helion(tm) is the new kid on the block when it comes to cushioning technology. It is a high-tech foam that combines firmer elements with softer ones to provide a smooth ride on any run.

On Running has been working on improving technical underfoot aspects of performance running for a while now. Their most recent product, the Cloudswift, is a prime example. The shoe features a lightweight, temperature-resistant, and highly responsive sole. These shoes also offer plenty of protection from a variety of scuffs and abrasions.

On’s Clouds line of running apparel includes Cloudrock, a line of waterproof speed hiking boots with extra padding. This pair of trail shoes also uses a high-tech superfoam, the Helion(tm) foam, to deliver a smooth and responsive ride.

Other technologies in this line of running shoes include the Speedboard(r), a thermoplastic polymer that converts landing energy into forward motion. Another innovative design feature in this line is the Missiongrip(tm) outsole, which features a special rubber blend for better grip on unpredictable surfaces.

As for the Helion(tm) superfoam, it offers a cushioned step, horizontal cushioning, and a responsive feel. It is also lighter and softer than its predecessors.

While the Helion(tm) foam may be the star of the show, the Cloudswift is also a great product to consider. In fact, it is one of the lightest fully-cushioned running shoes on the market.