On Cloud Running Shoes

If you are in the market for running shoes, then you should know that there are a number of options available to you. Among these are Cloudflyer, Cloudswift, and Cloudstratus.

Cloudstratus 2.0

The On Cloudstratus is an updated version of the classic On running shoe. It’s a great shoe for those who like a firm ride and aren’t interested in a super-foams model.

Among the key features of the On Cloudstratus is its unique heel counter. The heel counter is asymmetric, and works with the posterior lateral bevel to provide gentle guidance at the heel strike.

Another noteworthy feature is the Guidance Line. It breaks up the clouds into medial and lateral layers, ensuring that the motion is centered throughout the gait cycle.

The Cloudstratus also features a reengineered midsole that adds a solid layer of support. It also has a softer underfoot feel thanks to the Helion foam.

The upper on the On Cloudstratus is also a highlight. It has a wide forefoot and a roomy toe box. A heel cage is also featured, which helps with lateral foot roll.

Another notable feature is the redesigned sockliner. It is made from 75% recycled polyester and offers improved breathability. This combination gives the shoe a nice, clean look.

As with many other On running shoes, the Cloudstratus is designed for runners of all sizes. The wide toe box and comfortable inner liner allow the feet to breathe.

Overall, the Cloudstratus is a high performance shoe that’s a favorite among On fans. While it’s a little heavy, it offers plenty of cushioning.

If you’re a marathon runner, then the On Cloudstratus is the perfect shoe for you. It’s a good daily trainer, with the right amount of responsiveness. However, it’s also ideal for long-distance, low-volume running.

In addition, On has redesigned its inner sock construction, offering a more customized fit. Even the heel cup has been deepened for this latest version.

Cloudflyer 4

Cloudflyer 4 running shoes are an excellent option for those looking for a durable, comfortable and lightweight running shoe. These shoes are built with a signature CloudTec(r) cushioning system. This innovative cushioning offers an energized ride.

The upper is made from a re-engineered mesh that allows for maximum breathability. It also conforms to the unique shape of the foot. In addition, the tongue is lighter and more supportive.

The Cloudflyer 4 is a durable, breathable and responsive road running shoe that is ideal for long distance training. It features an external heel counter and a wide platform for better stability. The midsole is composed of On’s signature superfoam.

The CloudTec(r) cushioning system provides soft landings and explosive take-offs. The pods are large to ensure that your foot remains stable during landing and take-off.

In addition, the tongue and heel are padded to provide a secure fit. This is a great feature for those who tend to overpronate.

In addition to the cushioning, Cloudflyer also includes an external heel counter, a molded sock liner, and an integrated Speedboard(tm). All of these features add up to a sturdy, yet cushioned, ride.

Unlike many running shoes, Cloudflyer is very light. In fact, it weighs just 7.4 ounces, which is significantly less than many other stability shoes.

Another feature of the Cloudflyer is the midsole’s HelionTM superfoam. This material provides the perfect fit for runners with wider feet. Also, it provides excellent grip for both dry and wet surfaces.

On’s re-engineered CloudTec(r) cushioning system is built to deliver the ultimate running experience. This shoe is perfect for beginners and experienced runners alike.

The new tread pattern on the outsole gives more grip in wet conditions. The Cloud elements in the forefoot are closed off to give a more cushioned ride.


Cloudrush running shoes are an excellent choice for those looking to increase their speed and performance. They offer the best of both worlds – a light and springy ride, combined with the comfort and control of an over-cushioned shoe. These lightweight, versatile, yet highly responsive sneakers can be used for longer runs, as well as fast training, tempo and interval races.

For a smooth ride, the Cloudrush boasts an EVA midsole with an integrated sock-liner, as well as 18 Cloud elements. The 18 Cloud elements are the same ones found in the patented On Running shoes, and are designed to compress and release as you push off the ground.

The midsole is also equipped with an abrasion resistant sock-liner, as well, to keep your feet fresh and clean. The shoe’s skeletal design also features an all-new upper construction, which includes a perforated toe bumper, exoskeleton strips, and a breathable mesh material. This upper design also offers a better grip in the rain.

One of the best things about the On Cloudrush is its low profile. This helps to minimize potential movement caused by cushion compression, a factor which is important to many runners. In addition, the shoe’s unique midsole and heel structure help to support a dynamic stride, allowing you to run fast.

On Running’s Cloudrush is a runner’s shoe of the future. It offers a modern, sophisticated look and feel, and is suited to a wide range of runners. Although it is the smallest shoe in the ON line, it is a comfortable, lightweight, and versatile piece of running equipment. With a weight of only 220g, it can be used to train for a marathon, cross train, or tempo run.


The On Cloudsurfer is an innovative running shoe that has a unique design. It combines a supportive midsole with a high-performance outsole. This unique design also provides a smooth ride and excellent lateral stability.

On Running, based in Zurich, Switzerland, offers the Cloudsurfer training shoes. They are perfect for medium to long distance runs. In addition to being cushioned, they feature a patented CloudTec(r) technology that enables quick take offs and comfortable landings.

The patented CloudTec(r) system transforms energy into force. The heel counter and adapted midsole activates postural muscles and balances every step.

The Cloud pods, which are grooved like teeth on a cog, pop out when the foot extends from the ground. These pods give extra proprioception and help keep the foot from rolling forward.

There’s also a Speedboard inside the Cloudsurfer. Like a carbon plate, this piece of rubber provides torsional rigidity. The resulting smooth, responsive ride isn’t as comfortable as some other options.

Another key feature of the Cloudsurfer is its upper. The lightweight microfiber 3D air-mesh material is strategically placed to provide support while limiting pressure.

The tongue is also a unique feature. Instead of a traditional tongue that tucks into the midsole, it wraps around the foot for a distraction-free fit.

The outsole is a little hard to describe. It features Rebound Rubber Cloud elements. The inflated pods create fluffy clouds that help absorb horizontal forces and allow for a smooth, responsive ride.

For a smooth and efficient run, the ON Cloudsurfer 6 is the shoe for you. A streamlined, supportive upper and a full-length Rebound Rubber outsole will keep your gait cycle bright and energetic.

The On Cloudsufer is a good option for tempo runs and marathon training. But if you’re looking for a performance shoe that is easy to wear on race day, you might want to consider a more traditional model.


The On Cloudswift running shoes are made with Helion(tm) superfoam, which is designed to be responsive, lightweight, and flexible. Its design helps protect the feet from impact, while keeping you comfortable.

The On Cloudswift is a great running shoe for a variety of short to mid-distance runs. It has a lightweight feel and a responsive fit, and its cushioning is great for up-tempo workouts.

Its outsole features rubber grip pads, which provide a secure grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The upper of the Cloudswift is engineered with an engineered mesh, which gives it a breathable, comfortable feel.

Its tongue is unique, with a bootie-style fit. This creates a performance-focused fit, which is perfect for fast city runs.

In addition to the superfoam, the Outsole of the On Cloudswift features a rocker design, which provides good forward propulsion. For more stability, the outsole also features rubber reinforcements, which keep you from losing your footing when you’re running at high speeds.

The Cloudswift is also a great indoor running shoe. The firm sole keeps your feet safe from the harsh pavement, and the cushioning keeps them comfortable and cool when it’s hot. However, the lightweight, smooth-feeling outsole does not provide enough traction when you’re running on rough terrain.

The On Women’s Cloudswift Running Shoes are a great option for a quick 5k lunchtime run or a longer Sunday run. They feature a TPU mechanical side band, which provides gentle midfoot support, while a hidden pocket allows you to stash your laces.

While the On Cloudswift running shoes are lightweight and ideal for a quick 5k, they’re not a great option for a race day. They’re also too wide for narrow feet, and the upper doesn’t reach high enough for heel lockdown.